pallet rack installtion tools

What Tools do I Need to Install Pallet Rack?

There are some standard tools you’ll need to install a basic pallet rack setup. They include the following:

Basic Pallet Rack Installation Tools

Tape Measure:

Most businesses or households have one these. Most people have used one. This affordable measuring tool is a long tape made of fabric or metal that has incremental measurements marked on it. Tape measures come in metric or imperial styles. Some have both measuring standards on them. In pallet rack installation tape measure is used to measure long runs that are impractical to measure with a ruler or other measuring device.


This is a device for establishing a horizontal or vertical plane. It features a glass tube that contains alcohol or similar liquid. In this liquid is an air bubble. The bubble moves in the liquid as the level is manipulated to show when the level is perfectly horizontal or vertical. It is used to ensure that components are installed perfectly flat or perfectly vertically, or when perfect right angles are required. A level is used during pallet rack installation  to ensure you’ve got 90-degree angles at each beam and that your pallet rack bays are level.

Chalk Line:

Use a chalk line or chalk box to put down chalk lines. Using the plans for your layout, mark the outline of your racks with the chalk line. It is a tool used to  mark long, straight lines on the floor. It is handy because it allows a run of chalk much longer than can be reliably done by hand or with a straight edge.


This is a hammer with a large, usually wooden head. The head is made of rubber or is rubber covered. It is used to pound beams into place.

Lifting capability:

You’ll need a team of people who can lift pallet rack components manually. Alternatively, using a forklift will also do the trick.

Advanced Pallet Rack Installation Tools

Socket Wrench Set

This tool kit allows various sized nuts and bolts to be tightened. It comes with a collection of various sized heads that allows for bolts of varying sized to be turned.

Hammer Drill

A hammer drill is a power drill that functions by delivering a rapid succession of blows as it is used. It is primarily used to drill into masonry or rock. In pallet rack installation they are used to drive bolts into concrete flooring to affix footings.

Impact wrench

A power tool that applies concussive rotational blows to the driver to maximize torque.

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