Beam Static Capacity Calculator

Beam Static Capacity Calculator

Beam Static Capacity CalculatorTo help you understand the beam size and gauge you will need to hold your pallet load in your warehouse, this static beam capacity estimator is a very useful and handy tool. It calculates an estimated static capacity for a pair of beams loaded with product (and evenly dispersed).

The purpose of this pallet rack calculator is to estimate the non-seismic capacity of a beam based on 3 dimensions:

  1. Gauge – most beams are 16-gauge thick steel.
  2. Length of beam – measured from inside of the collar to the inside of the collar.
  3. Height of the face of the beam – standing in front of the beam, the vertical height from the bottom of the beam to the top of the beam.

How to use this beam capacity calculator:

Choose your beam dimension measurements in the blue selectors below. The calculator will update in the Estimated Static Capacity row for each beam:

Additional notes on this calc:

This is a tool to help you get started with the information you need, however it is not a replacement for a professional pallet rack designer and engineer, Always check calculations with certified installers or your rack manufacturer. That is the most accurate way to get the correct calculations. A certified installer can provide you with the allowable weight capacity from the International Building Code. Here are some of the factors considered in the calculations:

Seismic Zone – What is the earthquake level in your area?
Floor Design – Slab thickness, concrete strength and soil bearing
Upright – Height, width, gauge, bracing pattern and foot plate dimensions
Load Beam – Length, width, gauge, beam connect and product spacing
Most cities require a permit when product is stored at eight feet or higher. If your city requires a permit for this height, an engineer calculation package is necessary.

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