Price for Warehouse Racking Estimator

If you need help estimating the cost of installing pallet racking in a warehouse, this pallet racking estimator below can assist you in calculating the price. The estimator will help you determine the cost of US-made racking components as well as installation costs.
Please scroll down to find our online warehouse racking price estimator. This estimator is not intended to provide a definitive price or guarantee of pricing but rather to help warehouse managers and purchasing agents determine the approximate cost of a project.
If you fill out your contact information in the form on the right-hand side, we can provide you with detailed pricing options from various manufacturers. Alternatively, you can purchase warehouse racking online directly from us.

Before using the estimator, you will need to know the necessary details, such as the height of the upright frames and the length of the beams. The upright frames are vertical and support the beams, which are horizontal and evenly distribute the weight of the pallets.

The default data in the estimator is based on a typical warehouse designed to store 750 pallets with 11-foot aisles and three pallets high storage. The included drawing provides an example of how to use the rack pricing calculator, showing four rows of back-to-back racking, each with 16 bays and an elevation of three pallets high.

It is important to note that the rack pricing was updated on January 29, 2021, and the calculator only reflects pricing on that day. The price of steel is volatile, so this pricing is subject to change.

For this calculator, we have used quick-ship pricing in California, which is slightly more expensive than lot pricing. The racking comes with seismic base-plates, which adds cost, but may not be necessary in non-seismic areas.

We have also included pricing for installation by our dedicated installation crew, but installation costs can vary significantly depending on factors such as rental equipment, freight, and fees. Freight costs are estimated based on the weight of the racking and can be adjusted based on the distance from the supplier.

In California, permitting rack installation can be costly due to seismic calcs, high pile storage permits, permit running, rack anchor inspection, and city fees. We have not included permitting costs in our default data and example rack project pricing.
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