pallet rack components

Pallet Rack Components

Here is a rundown of key pallet rack components, including a definition of terms used in the material handling business. These industry terms are used by vendors of rack products like this one:

Anchor Bolt: Anchor bolts are inserted through the baseplate’s holes to attach the column to a concrete floor.

Base Plate: A metal plate attached (usually welded) to the bottom of the racking frame columns. This anchors the rack system to the floor and distributes the weight of a column. Also known as footplates or footpads.

Back Connector: (TBA)

Beam: A beam is a horizontal part of the pallet racking. They are the part of the rack on which pallets are slid onto.  They are of steel and come in various types and lengths.

Beam Connector: (TBA)

Beam length: (TBA)

Column (Post): A vertical upright usually made of steel that is a key component of pallet racking.

Keyhole: Upright frame columns feature rows of punched holes, called keyholes, used to attach pallet rack beams to uprights. These keyholes vary in shape, depending on the racking maker.

Flue Space: Flue spaces are unobstructed vertical lines of sight from the floor to ceiling in rack storage areas. There are two types of flue spaces:

  1. Transverse flues: These flues are the spaces between rows of storage in the direction of loading.
  2. Longitudinal flues: These types of flues are the spaces between rows of storage perpendicular to the direction of loading, with a width of up to 24 inches or 600 mm.

Horizontal Bracing: (TBA)

Row Spacer: Row spacers are the components that attach between rows of pallet racking.  A row spacer stabilizes the pallet rack frame and help prevent movement.

Upright: Uprights are the vertical pieces of the pallet rack that hold everything together.  They come in both standard strength and heavy duty versions. They are also called frames.

Upright depth: The horizontal distance measurement between two column uprights in a pallet racking system.

Upright height: The vertical height measurement of a column upright, a critical component of pallet rack.

Wire deck or decking: Wire deck is a pallet rack accessory. It is made from a metal mesh that fits between the front and rear rack beams and provides a floor to place containers or other non-palletized inventory. The wire mesh is open enough to allow water and light to come through, but it acts as a foundation for cartons, cases, and other product containers.

If you want the definitions of any other pallet rack system components and how they are used, you can contact us.