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Pallet rack can be a daunting material handling topic. So we have designed this resource site to help you better understand what pallet rack is, how it is installed, the various types and components, as well as accessories and related products.  On this site you can ask a question and get answers from our pallet rack gurus. You can get a free consult from our amazing pallet rack experts. We can even help you procure pallet rack and related material handling equipment using our online store. Need installation help? We can do that too. Contact us at Our parent company is Lean Inc.

pallet rack upright protection

How to Protect Your Warehouse Pallet Racking

Are you tired of dealing with costly damage to your pallet racking caused by forklifts? Discover rack protection products that can reduce damage up to 80 percent and protect your warehouse from accidents. Read on to find out more.
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Damaged racking prior to pallet rack repair service

How to Repair Warehouse Racking 

Damaged racking poses a variety of safety risks and can impact efficiency and workflow. So repairing damaged rack as soon as possible is crucial. This article explains how to spot and fixing damaged racking.
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warehouse pallets

What Are the Standard Pallet Sizes?

Pallets are an essential component in the logistics industry, serving as the foundation for the transportation and storage of goods. These platforms are designed to help companies move products more efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. However, not all pallets are…

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racking depth calculator on

Pallet Racking Depth Calculator Using Pareto’s Law

Designing a warehouse racking layout for your new warehouse? Before you decide on the storage media, use our pallet racking depth calculator. It uses Pareto’s Law to help determine the best approach to pallet storage depth. A Multi-Media Warehouse…

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space between racking

How much space do I need between pallets?

There are three considerations for side-spacing on a pallet rack beam: fire suppression (flue), aisle dimension, and material handling equipment straddling requirements. Fire suppression – flue spacing Pallet rack is usually designed around the width of grocery pallets.  A…

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