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Do I Need a Pallet Rack Consultant or Can Anyone Install Pallet Racking?

Is pallet racking easy to install or do you need an engineer or pallet rack specialist to put it together?

Do you need a pallet rack consultant every time? No not necessarily. If you don’t want the hassle or have the man power then calling a pallet rack installation team in is going to be a good choice for you.

On the west coast of the USA, you will need to ensure seismic requirements are met. This can be handled in the purchase of specific pallet rack that has been built with seismic requirements in mind.

But for some jobs you can certainly do it with your own in house team.

For a simple installation, pallet racking can be installed by anyone with limited technical knowledge. You will need a short list of tools. They include an impact wrench and hammer drill. These are used to secure the rack to a warehouse floor. You will also need a socket set to tighten the the bolts that hold the beams, columns and braces together.

Pallet racking is shipped just like flat pack furniture (think Ikea). It just bolts together, and then it is bolted to a cement floor.

The critical engineering is all built into the design of the pallet racking components. You just need ask your pallet rack company that you are acquiring the the racking from which strut support design you need given what you will be storing on the rack. Heavier inventory will need additional struts, whereas light product will need fewer struts.

Where to find a pallet rack installer

There are a variety of places you can find a trusted pallet rack installer. Here at, we can refer you to an approved expert in your area. However pallet rack installers can also be found through you pallet rack component manufacturers or any company that sells material handling equipment. Your local forklift dealer is a good for pallet racking  especially if you already have a working relationship with them. Their familiarity with your forklift equipment and material handling operation will help you get a pallet rack design process underway quickly.