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Avoiding Warehouse Catastrophe: A Guide to Secure Storage Rack Systems

With warehouse and shipping logistics becoming a billion-dollar industry, there’s more of a need than ever to have warehouse space that’s properly designed. A warehouse and its storage rack systems ensure that products are safe and secure and ready when you need them. If warehouse rack systems are poorly installed, it could lead to major issues …

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What is cantilever rack?

Image above courtesy of Hannibal Industries Cantilever rack is a racking system designed for storage of long, bulky, or awkward products such as rolls of carpet rolls, lumber, pipes and tubes, and other long format materials. Unlike any general purpose rack systems, cantilever racks do not have any vertical obstructions in the storage area of …

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Pallet racking

What is pallet racking?

Definition: Pallet racking Pallet racking or pallet rack or simply just “racking” is a steel structure built from two or more upright frames, beams, and connectors. Racking is welded, bolted or clipped together. It is used to supporting inventory in storage in a warehouse and is considered mission critical equipment in materials handling and warehouse …

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pallet rack components

Pallet rack components

Here is a rundown of key pallet rack components, including a definition of terms used in the material handling business. These industry terms are used by vendors of rack products like this one: http://store.warehouseiq.com. Anchor Bolt: Anchor bolts are inserted through the baseplate’s holes to attach the column to a concrete floor. Base Plate: A …

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